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SNR, Shelter-Neuter-Return, also called Return to Field, is a growing method for humanly responding to community cats at animal control agencies. There are many similarities between SNR and TNR, in fact many communities and organizations have found the greatest impact is made when the two are used together. While TNR proactively works to prevent the number of kittens born and ultimately limits shelter intake, SNR addresses the immediate issue of finding a way to get cats out of shelters alive.‚Äč  

Return to Field is initiated when a cat arrives at the shelter. If possible an adoptive home is found, when that is not possible cats are evaluated for SNR/Return to Field. Most organizations require the cat to be in good physical shape (evidence that the cat was thriving in the location it came from) and have a specific location that the cat was found or trapped to which the cat can be returned. Cats that are selected for the Return to Field program are then fixed, vaccinated, ear-tipped, and returned to the location they came from. This allows the cat to live out the remainder of their life and also helps prevent the vacuum effect by placing an altered cat back into the location to consume the available resources rather than a new unaltered cat moving in.

What is SNR?