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Set your trap and move away from the area. Be patient as you watch from a distance (never leave a trap unattended). Once you have caught your feral cat, cover the trap immediately with a blanket or towel to keep the cat from thrashing and hurting themselves. Place cats in a safe area until transport. No food after midnight and transport cats to your spay/neuter clinic as soon as possible. 

Getting ready, you will need: humane cat trap, trap cover, tasty food, newspaper and some patience. First, fold and line trap with paper, tape paper down from the back of the trip plate to the entrance of the trap (no duct tape please). Next, bait your trap by placing canned food on a paper plate and pushing it through the bottom of the trap, behind trigger plate. NEVER try to handle a feral or stray cat. You risk injury to yourself and the cat.

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Step Three:

‚Äč3 Steps of Trapping

Post surgery, while in recovery, cats are unable to regulate their body temperature so you will need to keep them overnight in a climate controlled and quiet area. Offer some food the same way as in placing underneath the trap. This keeps everyone safe. Cats should be held at least 12 hours after surgery and then returned to the exact location they were trapped. Keep the cats covered until their release.



Step Two:


Step One: