In 2014 TNR Riverside was able to help trap 14 cats on a property. Six adults were trapped, neutered, and returned. Eight kittens were removed from the property and fostered by a local animal lover who was able to socialize and secure adoptive homes for them.

From Krystyna Brownlee
April 3, 2016

Thanks to TNR Riverside, my family and I were able to have our three neighborhood ferals spayed/neutered and released. They are very happy and healthy now and often drop by for a visit and a tasty meal. We couldn't have done it without the supplies and generous help given by TNR Riverside. With a little bit of effort and personal time, you too can help protect these beautiful, useful and clever animals from unnecessary euthanasia. Thank you again.

From Kathy:

August 2015
Back in March I was able to have 9 out of 10 feral cats in my neighborhood fixed and I couldn't have done it without the use of your traps and with Erin and Flo's help.  Thank you again!  I'm happy to say all 10 are still showing up on a regular basis to eat and they are all doing great!   I still have one female that I couldn't trap in March to fix and her three 11 week old kittens.  I called Ontario Spay and Neuter and they said as long as the kittens are 2 months and 2 lbs, they could be fixed. 

Update March 2016:

Good news, I caught the "hard to catch" female finally!  I will be taking her to Ontario tomorrow.  She is #13 for me and hopefully the last!  

I caught her with a drop trap.  She sat for a long time and watched the other cats going under the drop trap to eat.  She finally went under it, I was standing right next to the trap so I just put it down!  She fought so hard to get out!!

Anyway, thanks again for all your help!  


2 of her cats, fixed and ear tipped. Plus she made some goodies and gave them to us when she returned the traps she borrowed!

The thrill of success!  Text messages between Paula and one of our TNR Riverside volunteers supporting her through the process:

March 2, 2015
update on mama cat (after surgery) i let her out today thinking the others were so anxious to see her again when she was recovering in garage her kits didnt leave the back yard since i let her out today they havent been here so im hoping they are all cuddling somewhere safe and cozy im gonna trap papa early morn tommorrow and will keep you posted thank you so much for the tip on the cat food, much appreciated as in all you have done to help us, we could not have done so well in all of this without you. i understand you have much going on and are so thankful you fit us in so well. hope i get papa in am!  he seems like will be pretty easy with drop trap for him.

March 3, 2015
So frustrated no papa cat this morning maybe the trash trucks kept him away? Would it be ok if i try just one more night with the drop trap? thank you.

March 4, 2015
Just caught papa cat yaaaaaay cant wait to go to Mary S at 715!

Big sigh of relief for this male cat.

Here's a  recent text update from Alicia ...

She caught one more cat!

Hello, my name is Alicia, I live in Riverside.  I want to share my Feral Cat Journey, and how I meet some amazing young ladies at TNR & Mary S Roberts Spay & Neuter started with one cat in June 2014.  I was feeding 2 older cats that lived outside in my backyard one fixed, but the older male was not..then here she was afraid, skinny, young not a kitten, teenager blk & white.. She ate with my older cats.. They didn't care.. She was there every morning & night.  Then she brought a friend, they were probably sisters, they began to show they were expecting!! Oh end of July they had kittens 2 now 2 to 6 overnight..they would come & go, leave for wks, then back..kittens came at 4 or 5 cute, named blk & white Klohe & her sister Psyco(she was mean & nice at the same time)..kittens so cute 2 boy & 2 girl..then Klohe had 2 more kittens & Psyco now it's Dec and 9 

cats later..I was in trouble & needed help..a friend told me about Dr. Butchco and he fixed feral cats for I borrowed a lg dog crate, put food in it, all cats went in!! Great I thought, it was first come, first serve at Dr Butchco, second in line..yay me, cats are fine, feeling like I'm top of the world..getting cats fixed, no more babies..then after all the paper work, & they looked at them in the crate..they popped my bubble & said NO..he didn't fix feral any more!!! What!! I was on the verge of crying!! Then my friend that came with me, with her 2 cats.. Remember Mary S Roberts..after 30mins of asking & riding around we found it!! Thank You Lord!! And they were closed!! But some people were there and they were so kind to let us in..we told them about 11 cats in my backseat..they said a girl at this desk would be back in few minutes & she might could help us..and that sweet, young lady was Erin!!! My cat savior!! She gave us the name of 2 organization that would help monitory, gave us phone #'s and the sad info no dog crates, they had to come to the clinic in traps..oh no, these cats were wild.. But Erin showed me was easy at first, caught Moma cats first, then kittens, then I had that One!! Big Tom cat!! Thank goodness for the drop trap!! Wonderful him!! Best feeling in the world!! I'm so grateful to Erin at TNR & Stacey and the staff at Spay & Neuter Clinic.. Thank You!! Y'all are a Blessing to me & my kitty's..I had more cats to come to my house, besides the 1st 9, I have 15 plus 2 I have in the house, I caught a feral kitten, had her fixed, but kept her inside..she loves the house!! (That's her in the photo, above) Has adapted beautifully!! Love her..I have turn plastic tots into houses with warm bedding , tip I got from Annette.. & I have a big chicken coop with straw & shavings and lots of blankets & comforters.. Warm, dry & cozy for winter & summer time I clean the comforters & blankets & fold them put them under my patio table, each has their spot..they love sleeping on the blankets..not to hot, but they are, love my babies!! I'm also grateful for the help with food!! And meeting Annette!! She is awesome too!! So many wonderful, lovely Ladies & Gentleman too, I have meet!! This Organization is life saving!! I'm so Blessed to be apart of!!  I know there will be more feral cats to come..they find me some how, as long as I can get them fixed, they will have a forever home with me!!! Thanks to TNR & MSR S&N Clinic.. May The Lord Always Bless You!! 
Thanks Again, 

Nora contacted TNR Riverside in February 2015. She is a local college student who recognized trouble brewing with seven feral cats in her backyard, but she did not want to take them to the shelter where they would be euthanized. In the month of February, 2015, our volunteers teamed up to trap the seven cats on her property. One year later we received a happy update from Nora that six of the cats are still regular guests in her backyard and no new cats or kittens have arrived! 

Success Story from Alicia ... in her own words ...


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