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Trap Neuter Return Riverside is a registered 501 (c) 3 non- profit organization. Your donations are  tax detuctable. Tax ID#  30-0880247

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Thank You....

If they could speak, what would their tales tell? Times of hunger, dodging predators, years of birthing litter after litter, fights to claim their territory?

Thanks to your support, and the love of local caregivers, many Community Cats will have a different story to tell. A story in which a kind human offered them food and shelter, and a community banded together to support their neuter and vaccination. With your support we can keep cats protected from illness, eliminate the constant struggle of reproduction, and end territorial fighting due to mating. Because of donors like you cats are getting the opportunity to not worry about survival, but instead enjoy being cats! We can change their tales to include days lounging on the porch, pouncing on the blowing leaf, and maybe even making a trusted human friend or two. For that we know, if cats could speak their response would be THANK YOU!

Every day, because of you, TNR Riverside gets the opportunity to support local Good Samaritians who step up to be caregivers for the cats in need that cross their paths. Your support allows us to help caregivers like Kris- A retired teacher, with no family in the area, who found companionship from the colony of cats that took up residence in her yard. Unable to drive, and physically unable to trap, the colony's population boomed. On a fixed income the thought of paying for over thirty cats to be fixed and vaccinated, even at a low cost clinic seemed astronomical. Thanks to donors and our volunteers TNR Riverside was able to step in to help provide the physical and financial support Kris needed to ensure these cats were neutered and vaccinated so they could enjoy living out their life and keeping Kris company, without adding to our cat overpopulation crisis.

Your donations allow us to help our area's cats in need and the people who care for them. Thank you!

 TNR Riverside, Board of Directors        


Thank you for your compassion towards community cats and interest in supporting our mission. Without the support of community members and animal lovers like you we would not be able to continue our work.