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Success Stories

How we are making a difference to reduce the number of homeless cats in Riverside...

Urgent Help!


Riverside City caregivers and their feral colonies

with financial assistance, no cost trap rentals,

and physical trapping (when volunteers are available).

At this time we are inundated with requests and unable

to help in other areas. We will continue to loan traps

and help financially for Colton and Moreno valley


​​TNR Riverside is a non-profit organization striving to reduce the free-roaming cat population by humanely trapping, neutering, and returning back to the community.

You're not alone. But please don't just feed them. Help reduce the community cat population by spaying or neutering every single cat you feed!

we need your help!

Trap Neuter Return stops the cycle of overpopulation and euthanization.

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