What are other resources if I don't live in these cities or need more assistance?

Education and Information: Need to know how to trap, where to take cats to be fixed, what you can do to keep a neighborhood cat from pooping in the flow beds? Most answers can be found on this site, if you need further assistance we invite you to email us. 

Financial Assistance: Thanks to generous community supporters we are able to provide financial assistance to those in Riverside City, Moreno Valley, and Colton working to fix community cats in their neighborhood and return them to the same location, their home, to live out their life. To apply click here.

Humane Trap Bank: TNR Riverside loans 1-2 humane traps at a time, for up to 2 weeks, to residents of Riverside city, Moreno Valley, and Colton. We also have a limited number of drop traps available to be borrowed. Traps are loaned for Trap, Neuter, Return purposes only. They can not be used to trap feral cats and turn in to animal control as they will be euthanized! If the cat is truly a feral there is no human coming to look for him, so your willingness to participate in TNR allows him to live without contributing to future unwanted generations. Read our equipment contract here.

Physical Trapping/Transporting Assistance: TNR Riverside has a limited number of volunteers able to assist with trapping and transporting when needed, Riverside City only.  

How do I TNR cats in my yard?

TNR Riverside would love to be able to find homes for all the cats and kittens we come across, but as one of the only TNR organizations in the Riverside area we are committed to focusing our energy and resources on Spay and Neuter of Community Cats, so we can prevent future generations. We do not have an adoption venue, foster homes, or the volunteers to screen potential adopters. There are many fabulous rescue organizations in our area who specialize in adoption, we recommend searching to find rescue near you. 

The answer can vary depending on the clinic you are using, please call them directly. In general, for the safety of the cat and staff at the clinic it is best to use a trap if in doubt. Please be aware taking a cat in a carrier instead of a trap may increase the cost for surgery which you would be responsible for covering.  

If I can get cat in carrier does it need to go to Spay/Neuter clinic in a trap?

Can you remove and find a new home for the feral cats in my yard/business?

TNR Riverside is a non-profit 501c3 animal welfare organization working to humanely control the cat population and increase quality of life for community cats through various programs.

What does TNR Riverside do?

Our dream is to be able to say yes to everyone, but we are asked to rehome Community Cats daily and the reality is we simply do not have enough people willing to offer these cats "Working Cat" homes to say yes. At this time we only relocate feral cats from the local shelter, who would otherwise be euthanized, in Working Cat approved homes. These shelter cats have no caregiver, advocate, or concerned animal lover (you) to fight for them, we are their only option. If you are able to find a family member or friend willing to relocate the cat to their property, with a proper 4-6 week confinement period we would be happy to provide and support the relocation as best we can.

Do you need volunteers?

What programs or assistance is available?

Yes! We gladly accept volunteer applications from adults 18 and over. Opportunities include trapping, transporting, community events, recycle collection, event planning. If you have a special talent you want to share let us know. Due to insurance limitations we are unable to accept volunteers under 18 years. We do have a few at home "Helping Heroes" opportunities young cat lovers can help with at home. Please contact us if you know an aspiring animal change maker.  

Help we found kittens! Can TNR Riverside find them homes?

The following resources may be helpful when conducting TNR:

Actors and Others, 818-755-6045, typically pays a portion of surgery cost, available for Southern California.

Mary S. Roberts Spay and Neuter Clinic, 951-977-8634, free trap rental/$50 deposit, $35 feral cat surgeries, $45 friendly cats. Open Tues.-Fri. Contact clinic for details.

Ontario Spay and Neuter, 844-676-7387, $40 Community Cats, Community Cats accepted Wed.-Mon., No appointment needed. Contact clinic for details.